BEC Interactive Customer Experience

case study


Many of the Berkeley Electric Cooperative customers prefer to pay their electric bill in person or meet with someone face to face to discuss billing, new construction, and other important matters. BEC wanted an interactive customer experience center that would educate customers about their cooperative, its offerings, and how to do things like paying your bill online or saving on your electric bill by switching to LED light bulbs. The customer had plenty of green content on their website, but most of these customers would never see that information. Our goal was to take that content and create an interactive display with large buttons that would attract customers to engage with it.  

Solution & Impact

Our first step was to familiarize ourselves with the brand, its content, and its customers. The certain customer that we were targeting liked to interact with someone or touch something physical and they made time in their schedule to be at this location. We also wanted to portray the brand in a certain light. We wanted to show that BEC is “green” or energy-efficient and that they are active in their community. Gathering the content easy, the challenging part came when deciding how to make the displays inviting, easy to use, and a personal experience in a large open room. We did lots of in-house content testing and received lots of feedback. Once we customer-proofed the presentation we placed a single speaker directly above each display to send a cone shape of audio straight down over the customer with a 4-foot diameter. This made sure that sound did not spill over into other customer experiences. Since the screens were installed, we have reported uptime of 100% with customer interaction rates climbing every week. Our ability to measure these metrics allows BEC to see their return on marketing and make plans to introduce more of this customer experience at other locations.

My Role

  • Project Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • User Research
  • User Experience
  • Integrator
  • Trainer and Tester
  • Support

Websites and social media sometimes became a place where good content goes to retire. What do I mean? Content creators aren’t usually tech innovators. That makes helping a marketing/creative department to repurpose their green content by introducing them to a new medium is exciting and rewarding. 

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